2021 BYOD News: Edunet Specifications Sheet for Parents

The shift to remote learning last year led to significant changes to our traditional methods of providing students who don't have BYODs with access to school laptops. These arrangements will stay in place for this year, which is fantastic for all those families who do not have a BYOD, as we are committed to ensuring that that this provision will be available in 2021. However, there will be one major change to the borrowing arrangements this year. Those students who do not have a BYOD, will not be permitted to take their school allocated laptop home with them each night and will be required to return them to the charging station in the library at the end of the day. This will help us to avoid any damage in transit between school and home, as well as acting as an incentive for families to consider a BYOD that can be used at home as well as at school.

To assist those families interested in exploring BYOD options, we have new and updated models for our BYOD program through Edunet. Please open the attachment below for details about the devices. Mr Shrive is happy to take questions from parents or students if they are looking at purchasing a BYOD.

The online ordering portal is accessible via The Access Code you will need to access the portal is NC2021

A video explaining the benefits of using Edunet can also be found here: